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It’s the little things that matter and the Bmine Classic Curve Mini pocket vibrator is no except..
Save the sweat for the bedroom. Exercising your PC muscle with these set of three kegel weights for ..
Glass is always hard. Lube this beauty up for hours of deep penetration and pleasure. Raised spiral ..
Being naughty never felt this good! Share an intimate secret with your lover at home or in public wh..
Stainless steel anal threaded butt plug with a jewel on the bottom.Size small: 1 in. wide 2.25 i..
NUO: App-controlled butt-plug for couples’ playThe world’s first dual-motor butt plug. With remo..
Discover a new world of pleasure with the O-Boy beginner's vibrating prostate massager. Small and sm..
LAYA II Clitoral Vibrator SALE
LAYA II: A powerful, rechargeable lay-on vibratorYOUR NEW FAVORITE VIBEThe battery-operate..
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We-Vibe Vector Remote Controlled Prostate StimulatorGentle pressure and rumbling vibrations..
Gold Fashion Collar Bangle Cuffs Body ChainSize: One Size Adjustable up to 5” Material Me..
Le Cock Ring V Satyr Penis Jewelry To Be Showcased and AdmiredThe luxurious Le Cock Ring V Satyr..
Womanizer™ PremiumThe Womanizer™ Premium is the ideal combination of new technology and high-qua..
Think of it as a "Vagina Gym"Eliminate leaks. Amplify your sex life. Achieve real squeeze...
Clitoral Exciter Blue Orb  G-String SALE Usually ships next day
Clitoral Exciter Blue Orb G-StringThis Women's labia spreading and clitoris stimulating roller b..
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Big Black Book of Sex Positions NEW
Take Your Sex Life From Boring To Mind Blowing In A Few More Than 69 MovesPeople should get..
Zen as F*ck: A Journal Practicing the Art of Not Giving a Sh*t NEW
The road to serenity is ahead, and it’s paved with a f*ck-ton of profanity. When quiet meditat..
What You Really Really Want NEW
In this empowering, accessible guide, Jaclyn Friedman—co-editor of Yes Means Yes—gives young women t..
Ultimate Guide to Tantric Sex NEW
19 Lessons To Achieving EcstasyTantra is a vital path toward full interior development through s..
Toybag Guide to Chastity Play NEW
What's so sexy about not having sex? Everything, says Mistress Simone – when chastity is enforced by..
The Sex Issue NEW
Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Sexuality, Seduction, and DesireAn eye-catch..
The Come As You Are Workbook NEW
A Practical Guide To The Science of SexA new, practical workbook from the New York Times bestsel..
Spanking for Lovers NEW
Consensual adult spanking can be sexy or strict, giggly or grave, gentle enough to pinken the skin o..
Scarab Clitoris G-String Jewelry SALE Usually ships next day
Wearing the "Bee to Nectar" clitoris g-string will keep you on the edge of orgasm.This luxurious..
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JNaja Ergonomic Cock Ring SALE
JNaja Cock Ring Is Ergonomically Shaped To Enring His Manhood And Massage His PerineumThe Ready ..
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Crystal Jeweled Clitoris G-String Jewelry SALE Usually ships next day
Crystal Jeweled Clitoris G-String - Elegant and Seductively Sinful.This sparkling crystal jewel ..
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Jeweled Gold G-String with Clitoral Pendant SALE Usually ships next day
Crystal Jeweled Clitoris G-String With Teasing Clitoral Drop Pendant - Elegant and Seductively Si..
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Colorful Pony Tail Clear Glass Anal Plug SALE
Vibrant Color Pony Tail Glass Anal PlugThis museum-quality clear glass anal plug from Crystal D..
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Secret Double Penetration Jewelry Chain SALE Usually ships next day
Secret Double Penetration Jewelry Chain in Gold or Silver With Lovely Black Pendant Drop Thi..
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These Swarovski crystal embellished butt plugs are more like small pieces of deeply pleasurable, wea..