Gläs is a brand of premium glass pleasure products that are known around the world for its high-quality materials and creative designs. With one-of-a-kind styles that are handcrafted based on a carefully thought-out design that features pleasure-enhancing characteristics like nubs, swirling ridges, and easy-to-control handles, Gläs was founded with the goal of delivering the ultimate sensual pleasure while highlighting the uniqueness of glass.

Offering an ever-growing collection of dildos, double-headed styles, “juicer” and butt plugs in a variety of eye-catching colors, Gläs takes pride in its widely accessible prices that make it possible for all to enjoy. 

Hand-blown Craftsmanship * Unique designs * 100% Borosilicate Material

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3" Horse Tail Glass Butt Plug

Glas 3" Horse Tail Handblown Glass Butt PlugSaddle up for a wild fantasy ride with our 3" Horse Tail Glass Butt Plug. A tapered end and smooth tex..


6" Lick-it Glass Dildo

Glas  6" Lick-it  Handblown Purple Glass DildoFancy a sultry lick of pleasure from our 6" Lick It Glass Dildo. Get tantalized by yo..


7" Callisto Clear Glass Dildo

Glas  7" Callisto Handblown Clear Glass Double Ended DildoDesigned for optimal G-Spot stimulation, this Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo by Gla..


7" Curved Glass G-Spot Stimulator

Glas 7" Curved G-spot Handblown Clear Glass DildoTarget the G-spot with 7 satisfying inches of sleek, smooth glass. This beautiful, weighty 7..


7" Realistic Head Glass Dildo

Glas  7" Realistic Head Handblown Clear Glass DildoClose your eyes and imagine a lover giving you the smoothest strokes that are as long..


7" Straight Glass Dildo

Glas  7" Straight Handblown Glass DildoGet straight to the point — pleasure is what you want and the 7” Straight Glass Dildo will get yo..


8" Joystick Clear Glass Dildo

Glas 8” Joystick Handblown Clear Glass DildoTake control of pleasure with the Joystick Clear Glass Dildo, which features a satisfying 11-inch..


8" Ribbed G-Spot Double Ended Glass Dildo

Glas  8" Ribbed G-Spot Double Ended Handblown Glass DildoGet two toys in one with the 8” Ribbed G-Spot Glass Dildo. This dual-ended glas..


8" Slimline G-Spot Glass Dildo

Glas 8" Slimline G-Spot Handblown Glass DildoFeaturing a classic G-Spot massager style complete with a bulbous and curved tip, the 8” Slimlin..


Glass Naturals Chili Pepper 8.25" Dildo

Glas Jalapeno Natural Chili Pepper 8.25” Handblown Glass DildoSpice up your sex life with the hottest accessory that not only hides in plain sight..


10" Double Trouble Glass Dildo

Glas 10" Double Trouble Handblown Clear Glass Double Ended DildoDesigned for optimal G-Spot stimulation, this Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo by Glas fe..


10" Mr. Swirly Double Ended Glass Dildo & Butt Plug

Glas 10" Mr. Swirly Double Ended Handblown Glass Dildo & Butt Plug The Mr. Swirly style of Glas pleasure products always guarantees a thr..


3.25" Amethyst Rain Glass Butt Plug

Glas 3.25" Amethyst Rain Handblown Glass Butt PlugThe Amethyst Rain Butt Plug is a sleek, luminous glass version of your favorite classic but..


3.5" Bling Bling Glass Butt Plug

Glas 3.5" Bling Bling Handblown Glass Butt Plug With Purple CrystalAdd some bling to your booty with our 3.5" Bling Bling Glass Butt Plug. The per..


3.5" Clear Glass Butt Plug

Glas 3.5" Clear Handblown Glass Butt PlugBooty play beginners and experienced anal lovers alike will love the sensation of this user-friendly..


3.5" Galileo Glass Butt Plug

Glas 3.5" Galileo Handblown Glass Butt PlugEscape to a universe not so far away where orgasmic pleasure is the ultimate destination. The Gali..


4" Clear Glass Bead Butt Plug

Glas 4" Handblown Clear Glass Bead Butt PlugBegin your journey into sweet, satisfying anal pleasure with the 4” Glass Butt Plug. Consisting o..


5" Clear Glass Anal Juicer Plug

Glas 5" Handblown Clear Glass Anal Juicer Butt PlugSpin your way into ecstasy with the 5” Glass Juicer, featuring a satisfying design and size tha..


5" Rosebud Glass Butt Plug

Glas 5" Rosebud Handblown Pink Glass Butt PlugGet your pleasure blooming with our 5" Rosebud Glass Dildo. Shining in translucent pink from tip to ..


5.5" Double Bull Black Glass Dildo

Glas 5.5" Double Bull Handblown Black Glass DildoTake control of your pleasure with the ultimate double-ended glass toy in a sleek black hue that ..


6" Curved G-spot Blue Handblown Glass Dildo

Glas 6" Curved G-spot Blue Handblown Glass DildoDesigned for optimal G-Spot stimulation, this Curved G-Spot Glass Dildo by Glas features a cl..


6" Curved G-spot Handblown Glass Dildo

Glas 6" Curved G-spot Handblown Glass DildoYour G-spot deserves the most direct stimulation to reward you with an incredible orgasm. Glas’ 6...


6.5" Blue Spiral Glass Dildo

Glas 6.5" Blue Spiral Handblown Glass Dildo The 6.5” Spiral Dildo is designed with ultimate pleasure in mind with a shaft that’s decked ..


6.5" Candy Land Glass Juicer

Glas 6.5" Candy Land Handblown Glass JuicerCrank up the intensity of your orgasms with the Glas Candy Land Juicer. Featuring a unique rotary ..


6.5" Full Tip Textured Glass Dildo

Glas 6.5" Full Tip Textured Handblown Glass Dildo For an intensely satisfying pleasurable experience, the 6.5” Full Tip Textured Glass D..


6.75" Purple G-Spot Glass Tickler

Glas 6.75” G-spot Handblown Purple Glass TicklerThe Purple G-Spot Tickler does much more than simply tickle the G-Spot — it targets this hot spot ..


7" Purple Rose Nubby Handblown Glass Dildo

Glas 7”  Purple Rose Nubby Handblown Glass DildoHit all of the right spots with the Purple Rose Nubby Dildo, which as the name suggests, feat..


7" Realistic Curved Glass G-Spot Dildo

7" Realistic Curved Glass G-Spot DildoYou’ve never met a smoother lover than the 7” Realistic Curved Glass G-Spot Dildo. Featuring seven satisfyin..


7.25" Spiral Staircase Full Tip Dildo

Glas 7.25” Spiral Staircase Full Tip Handblown Glass DildoReach exciting new levels of sexual pleasure with the Spiral Staircase Full Tip Dildo. F..


8" Sweetheart Glass Dildo

Glas 8" Sweetheart Handblown Glass Dildo Treat your sweetheart to 8 inches of caring coital connections with the Sweetheart Glass Dildo...


9" Purple Rain Ribbed Handblown Glass Dildo

Glas 9” Purple Rain Ribbed Handblown Glass DildoThe Purple Rain Ribbed Dildo is made to deliver the ultimate sensations with its deliciously ribbe..


Glas Blue Spiral Glass Dildo

Glass is always hard. Lube this beauty up for hours of deep penetration and pleasure. Raised spiral ridge increases stimulation, while the bulbous hea..


Glas Double Trouble Glass Dildo - Purple

Being able to share toys with your sex partner can be an extremely fulfilling experience. This artistically crafted, purple glass double-headed dildo ..


Glass 3 Piece Anal Training Butt Plug Set

Glas 3 Piece Anal Training Handblown Glass Butt Plug SetWhen you’re finally ready to open up to the thrills and mind-blowing sensations of backdoo..


Mr. Swirly 6.5" G-Spot Handblown Glass Dildo

Glas Mr. Swirly 6.5" G-Spot Handblown Glass DildoMr. Swirly 6.5" G-Spot Glass Dildo always aims to please with its 6.5-inch shaft featuring a..


Mr. Swirly Red Spiral Handblown Glass Dildo

Glas Mr. Swirly Red Spiral Handblown Glass DildoMr. Swirly is everyone’s favorite pleasure companion with its stimulating design that aims to plea..


Red Head Handblown Glass Double Dildo

Glas Red Head Handblown Glass Double DildoEmbrace the passion of your sexual desire with the Red Head Double Dildo. With its elongated, smoothly c..