Wand Vibrators are one of the most popular styles of clitoral vibrators out there, and for good reason! Unlike Bullet Vibrators, which aim to be as small and compact as possible, Wand Vibrators are quite large; in fact, some are easily mistaken for G-Spot vibrators because of the size and shape. But the length of wand vibrators isn't for insertion - it's there to help you easily maneuver and position the vibrating head, and to hold the vibrator's motor, which are often quite powerful! Wand Vibrators are hands down some of the most powerful vibrators in the world, and that's why our customers love them. Take a look at all the wonderful wands we have to offer below! This page also includes an assortment of attachments for wand vibrators which can increase their functionality.

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B Swish Bthrilled Classic Wand Vibrator

B Swish brings us the Bthrilled Classic, a powerful, pleasure-inducing wand massager ready for waterproof fun. Savor the silky-smooth, body-safe silic..


Bella Waterproof Rechargeable Wand

"External full body massager. Completely waterproof. "Queen of orgasms - Bella is the Italian word for beautiful. That's exactly how you will feel..


Die Cast 3R Cordless Blue Flame Wand

Doxy Die Cast 3R is the first rechargeable electric massager from Doxy. Play anywhere: Enjoy your freedom with the Doxy Die Cast 3R..


Domi 2 Programmable Mini Wand SALE

Domi 2 Programmable Mini Wand

Super Powerful & Long LastingLovense Domi 2 is a super powerful wand vibrator that is fully programmable and remote Bluetooth compatible plus ..

$130.00 $119.00

Domi Wand G-Spot Attachment

Domi Wand G-Spot Female AttachmentDesigned for women who want to extend their pleasure possibilities when using Domi/Domi 2. Dual stimulator with ..


Domi Wand Prostate P-Spot Attachment

Domi Wand Prostate P-Spot Male AttachmentProstate massager and penis stroker. Customized exclusively for penis and prostate stimulation.Prosta..


Doxy Die Cast Wand Massager

A more luxurious way to orgasm - the Doxy Die Cast vibrating wand massager does one thing and does it well - delivers incredible orgasms.Everythin..


Doxy Number 3 Die Cast Wand Massager

Meet the Doxy DIE CAST 3 Wand Massager - the baby sister or mini version of the Die Cast. All the power packed into a compact body.Precision ..


Doxy Original Wand Massager

Rated as the only sex toy you’ll ever need by Metro magazine the Doxy Massager is the vibrating wand massager that delivers amazing orgasms.Perfec..


Galaxy Cobalt Glass Curve Wand SALE

Galaxy Cobalt Glass Curve Wand

Galaxy Cobalt Glass Curve Wand from Crystal DelightsOur Galaxy Curve is created from a rod of gloriously interstellar cobalt blue glass that you c..

$165.00 $140.00

Galaxy Cobalt Glass Wand  SALE

Galaxy Cobalt Glass Wand

Galaxy Cobalt Glass Wand from Crystal DelightsIf curves or plugs aren’t your vibe, our Galaxy Wand is ready for you to ride into the stars! Made o..

$155.00 $132.00

Le Wand Cordless Vibrating Massager

This is no ordinary wand. Powerful, penetrating pleasure ranted in the convenience and versatility of a rechargeable wand.Le Wand Rechargeable Vi..


Le Wand Petite Cordless Massager

Winner of the prestigious Women's Health FEMTECH Awards, Le Wand Petite is a versatile wand vibrator that's small in size but BIG on power. ..


Le Wand Plug-In Vibrating Massager

Classic makes a comeback! Le Wand took their award-winning OG wand and added the perfect retro feature to enable their power hunters. Meet the Le Wand..


Lelo Smart Wand 2 Body Massager - Large

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Body Massager - LargeGet in touch with your body and experience unparalleled relaxation as you indulge with the world’s most lux..


Lelo Smart Wand 2 Body Massager - Medium

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Body Massager - MediumSmart Wand 2 Medium is the (literal) handy brother to LELO's luxurious large massager. This wand is ..


Lovely Leopard Mini Wand

Presenting the Lovely leopard Mini wand massager from Rianne S. The Lovely Leopard is an elegant, rechargeable mini wand vibrator. Her vibrations are ..


Magic Wand Mini Rechargeable Massager

Magic Wand Mini Rechargeable VibratorMagic Wand Mini. Born into such a famous family, this little wand has quite a reputation to uphold. Challenge..


Magic Wand Original Massager

The Magic Wand Original is considered the Cadillac of vibrators -- often imitated, never duplicated!New in 2013 - this is the  HV260 Magic Wa..


Magic Wand Plus Vibrator

Magic Wand Plus VibratorThe Magic Wand Plus model HV-265 is the perfect compromise for those who want a plug-in type massager and don't want the a..


Magic Wand Rechargeable Massager

Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable – As Powerful As The Original!The New, cordless Magic Wand Rechargeable – All the power without the cord! The Ma..


Mystic Rechargeable Curved Wand Massager

The Mystic Rechargeable Curved Wand from VibratexThe popular Mystic Wand from Vibratex is now just as powerful and RECHARGEABLE. Curved for comfor..


Nalone Jane Double End Wand Massager

Rechargeable soft textured multi-purpose personal vibrator with the option to use the top motor as a powerful yet soft simulator. The second motor on ..


Nalone Jane Pink Wand

Nalone Jane Pink Double-Ended Wand by Femme FunnLooking for a wonderful toy with multiple capacities for pleasure? With the Nalone Jane, you get t..


Nalone Rock 2 Wand Massager Touch & Heat Function SALE

Nalone Rock 2 Wand Massager Touch & Heat Function

Rechargeable silicone cordless wand vibrator houses a powerful motor in its head to send vibrations straight to your intimate spots. Heating function ..

$85.00 $65.00

Nalone Rock Rechargeable Wand SALE

Nalone Rock Rechargeable Wand

Nalone Rock Rechargeable Wand PinkAn innovative design for maximum satisfaction, this rechargeable wand vibrator houses a powerful motor in its he..

$80.00 $67.00

Nalone Rockit Rechargeable Wand Massager

This petite rechargeable wand provides body-shaking stimulation and has a touch sensitive mode for more interactive play. The Rockit boasts 3 levels o..


Nalone Roma Wand Massager Purple

Mini clitoral massager made of metal and silicone features 3 vibration speeds and 3 patterns. Waterproof and whisper-quiet.Requires one AA battery..


Nalone Yoni Dual Head Wand Pink

Yoni provides deep vibrating stimulation outside or inside partnered or solo. 7 different vibration levels with silicone dual heads.This 9 X 1.5 i..


Noje Delite Mini Wand Vibrator

You’ll enjoy all the power of a full-size pleasure wand, packed into this petite 5.25-inch package. Delite features 10 deep, rumbly vibrating function..


Noje Fauna Mini Wand Vibrator

You’ll enjoy all the power of a full-size pleasure wand packed into this petite 4.75-inch package. The rechargeable Fauna features 10 deep, rumbly vib..


Noje Jule Mini Wand Vibrator

You’ll enjoy all the power of a full-size pleasure wand, packed into this petite 4.75-inch package. Jules features 10 deep, rumbly vibrating functions..


ROMP Flip Rechargeable Silicone Wand Massager

ROMP Flip Rechargeable Silicone Wand MassagerA magic wand massager for magical moments, ROMP Flip has a flexible head and a powerful motor f..


Smart Wand Body Massager Medium

Medium Size, Maximum PowerFor couples who demand the most intense and luxurious pleasure without the bulk of a larger wand, the Smart Wand™ Medium..


Ultra Wand SALE

Ultra Wand

Power where you want it.Our ergonomically designed body wand delivers earth-shattering pleasure, without shattering your hand. Constructed to keep..

$89.00 $74.00

Wand Essentials 8-Speed Turbo Pearl Corded Massager

The Wand Essentials Turbo Pearl is a variable speed, electric wand Massager with a Turbo button that takes massage to a whole new level! Lay back and ..


Wanda Rechargeable Wand Massager SALE

Wanda Rechargeable Wand Massager

powelful flexible head delight you as alwaysWanda rechargeable wand may be the most powerful rechargeable wand on the market, boasting 10 mind blo..

$89.99 $74.00