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Black Nipple Tassels

Sexy Black Nipple Tassels Includes 2 nipple pasties One Size..


Crystal Rhinestone Nipple Pasties

Sexy and Glamorous Rhinestone Nipple PastiesWearing these sparkling Rhinestone pasties will make you feel sexy and glamorous. These gorgeous R..

$35.00 $30.00

Leather Pasties with Chain Set

Sexy Leather Pasties with Dangling ChainsWearing these soft black leather pasties will make you feel sexy, as the dangling chains sensually tease ..


Red Rhinestone Pasties

Sexy and Glamorous Red Rhinestone PastiesWearing these sparkling red rhinestone pasties with make you feel sexy and glamorous. These gorgeous red ..

$35.00 $30.00

Mimi Rhinestone Nipple Pasties - Variety of Colors

Ultra-glamorous Mimi Rhinestone Nipple Pasties to beautify your boobs.Mimi body jewelery by Bijoux Indiscrets adorns and enhances what is already ..


Flamboyant Vajazzling Body Jewelery

Vajazzling:  v.  Applying decorative stick-on crystals to the skin after waxing your lady business. Yep.  You read that right.  It..


Black Leather and Satin Tassel Pasties

Va-va-voom!  It's your time to shine with these sizzling classic Black Leather and Satin Tassle Burlesque pasties. Tantalize your partner with a li..


Feathered Leather Pasties with Swarovski Crystals

With the sensuous Birds nipple pasties lingerie collection, RIANNE S further explores the wonderful world of sexy design.Inspired by the class..