Revolutionizing sexual health and wellness, GLYDE is the first certified ethical, vegan & fair trade premium condom brand. Crafted with patented technology and a clean plant-based formula, their products deliver a more satisfying experience while eliminating concerns about harmful additives, animal products and testing.

SUPERIOR FIT: The key to comfort, pleasure and safety is a condom that fits. GLYDE has you covered whether you require a slim fit, standard or large condom – all extra sheer, silky and strong with a barely there quality. You’ll quickly notice our condoms feel natural and perform reliably, even during the most adventurous play, as their patented technology produces a thin sheath with exceptional heat transfer for a more natural experience you’ll both enjoy…again and again.

HEALTHIER BY DESIGN: Body-friendly by design, GLYDE are glycerin-free, paraben-free and void of all risky chemicals including talc, nonoxynol-9 and benzocaine. GLYDE are made with a proprietary blend of premium natural rubber latex and thistle extract, eliminating casein – a dairy-derived ingredient used by many conventional brands – which means they have been certified vegan and cruelty-free for over 20 years.

Their clean plant-based formula combined with a double washing process eliminates that unpleasant latex smell associated with conventional condoms. Allowing all of your senses to be properly turned on.

REAL ETHICS: An Australian brand founded over 20 years ago, GLYDE is the first ethical, vegan & fair trade condom. Before ‘natural’ and ‘sustainable’ became marketing catch phrases, we’ve always sourced the highest quality materials from suppliers who operate with ethics– including fair trade labor practices, sustainable rubber cultivation, and using continually evolving methods for cleaner and safer production.

Their mission to craft a more natural condom started with eliminating animal products (casein) and opting for a purely plant-based formula of natural rubber and thistle extract. The rubber we use is sustainably harvested by one of the oldest owner-operated farms in the region, where the workers are stakeholders and paid a living wage. By sourcing locally, they’ve reduced their carbon footprint.

They’ve kept their packaging simple and eco-friendly – made with 100% recycled paperboard and vegetable inks.  No wasteful cellophane or plastics involved.  Ever.

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