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Clitoral Stimulating O Gel

Naturally derived clitoral stimulating gelSliquid Organics Stimulating O Gel is a 100% vegan friendly clitoral stimulating gel. Created with n..


Rejuvenation Sensual Massage Oil

Rejuvenation is a refreshing, invigorating blend of Mandarin and Basil, which will revive and restore your vitality. And as always, totally paraben..


Ride Bodyworx Rock Delay Spray

REFORMULATED AND REPACKAGED!!!! Ride Rock Delay Spray is a benzocaine based male desensitizer, which was created to enhance men`s stamina and prolo..


Ride BodyWorx Silicone Lube

Ride Silicone is the true gold standard. Incorporating Sliquid's proprietary blend of medical grade silicone, only thicker, this lubricant will sta..


Ride BodyWorx Water Based Lubricant

Ride Water Based LubricantRide Water Based is the super slick water based lubricant from Ride BodyWorx. This formula is infused with natural s..


Sliquid H2O Natural Lubricant 8.5oz SALE

Sliquid H2O Natural Lubricant 8.5oz

Sliquid H2O Natural Intimate LubricantNaturals H2O is a water-based personal lubricant, and Sliquid`s Original formula. Formulated to emulate ..

$19.00 $18.00

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel

Clean and simple water based lubricant, only thickerSliquid Organics Natural Gel is a ultra thick water based organic lubricant, botanically i..


Sliquid Organics Natural Lubricant

Clean and simple water based organic lubricantSliquid Organics Natural is the base formula for the entire Sliquid Organics line of products, a..


Sliquid Organics Sensation Lubricant

Water based stimulating organic personal lubricantSliquid Organics Sensation is a water based organic personal lubricant botanically infused w..


Sliquid Sassy Natural Water Based Thick Lube

Sassy – A Clean and Simple Water-Based Blend, Only ThickerThis thick water-based formula is perfect to use as an anal lubricant and with sili..


Sliquid Silver Premium Silicone Lubricant

Premium Silicone LubricantSilver is a silicone based personal lubricant, and is Sliquid's Premium formulation. Super long lasting and 100% wat..


Sliquid Silver Studio Collection Silicone Lubricant

Silver Studio Collection - Premium Silicone LubricantSilver is a silicone based personal lubricant, and is Sliquid's Premium formulation. The ..


Swirl Flavored Lubricant

Rated as the #1 tasting lubricant on the market, Swirl takes the cake in the yummy department! Swirl is available in 6 delicious flavors:  Cherry V..


Tranquilty Sensual Massage Oil

Tranquility is a relaxing, calming blend of Coconut, Lime, and Verbena, designed to de-stress and relax with every application.Sliquid Organic..