Fragrance Aphrodisiacs

Fragrance Aphrodisiacs
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Big Flirt Pheromone Infused Sex Attractant

Big Flirt Pheromone Infused Sex AttractantWear this universal sex attractant to boost sexy confidence and be more attractive. The pheromones conta..


Legends Perfume Oil - Aphrodisiac Signature Scent 10 ml.

Legends™ aphrodisiac perfume oil invokes a deep arousal, capturing the magnetic presence of masculine energy. An iconic scent of the hero: Inspired, c..


Myths & Legends Aphrodisiac Scent Set 10 ml. each

Scent is the primary language of love. This organic aphrodisiac scent is inspired by the world's most renowned lovers and responds uniquely to the che..


Myths Perfume Aphrodisiac Scent 10 ml.

Myths™ aphrodisia perfume is rooted in passionate desire, reflecting the mystery and power of the divine feminine.  Alluring, intuitive and intoxicati..


X On The Lips SALE

X On The Lips

Electrify Your Kiss – Buzzing Lip BalmPheromone-enhanced X ON THE LIPS can be applied moments before kissing to feel a sexy warm, buzzing sensatio..

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