Dare to Do Things You've Never Imagined with Lovense Interactive Remote Controlled Sex Toys

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Ambi Bullet Vibrator

Ambi – The Most Versatile Bullet Vibrator. EVER.Playful. Sensual. Adaptable. Solo or couples toy for instant pleasure every time. Broad pinpoint a..


Calor Heating Male Masturbator SALE

Calor Heating Male Masturbator

Lovense Calor Depth-Controlled Heating Male MasturbatorRemote Controlled Vibrating MasturbatorCalor is a portable depth-controlled male mastur..

$130.00 $119.00

Dolce (Quake) Bluetooth Adjustable Dual Vibrator SALE

Dolce (Quake) Bluetooth Adjustable Dual Vibrator

Lovense Dolce (previously Quake) Bluetooth Adjustable Dual VibratorDual. Adjustable. Powerful. Maximum Stimulation for Clitoris & G-Spot..

$199.00 $129.00

Domi 2 Programmable Mini Wand SALE

Domi 2 Programmable Mini Wand

Super Powerful & Long LastingLovense Domi 2 is a super powerful wand vibrator that is fully programmable and remote Bluetooth compatible plus ..

$130.00 $119.00

Domi Wand G-Spot Attachment

Domi Wand G-Spot Female AttachmentDesigned for women who want to extend their pleasure possibilities when using Domi/Domi 2. Dual stimulator with ..


Domi Wand Prostate P-Spot Attachment

Domi Wand Prostate P-Spot Male AttachmentProstate massager and penis stroker. Customized exclusively for penis and prostate stimulation.Prosta..


Edge 2 Prostate Massager

Lovense Edge 2 – The Worlds First Adjustable Prostate Massager. It Will Hit Your Spot!Lovense Edge 2 is the second-generation adjustable prostate ..


Ferri Remote Panty Vibe

Ferri – Tiny, Versatile & Powerful Magnetic Panty VibratorFerri’s size allows you to be spontaneous: slip it into your purse so you can have it c..


Flexer Wearable Dual Panty Vibrator SALE

Flexer Wearable Dual Panty Vibrator

The Wearable Fingering Toy Lovense Flexer Bluetooth Insertable Dual Panty Vibrator - PinkMeet Flexer- a new wearable, lightweight and quiet App-c..

$130.00 $119.00

Hush 2 Bluetooth Butt Plug

Lovense Hush 2 Bluetooth Butt Plug Control From ANYWHERE!Super-Powerful and Wearable Anal Plug The new generation of the Lovense butt plug: Hush..


Hyphy Dual End Clitoral & G-Spot Vibrator

Lovense Hyphy Dual End Clitoral & G-Spot VibratorDual-End High-Frequency Vibrator for Fast OrgasmsOne Toy. Different Kinds of Pleasure. ..


Lovense Exomoon Lipstick Red Vibe

Lovense Exomoon Lipstick Red VibeExomoon - Bluetooth Secret Lipstick Bullet Vibrator. The best design, weight and size for a bullet vibrator that ..


Lush 1 by Lovense

Lush 1 by Lovense is the most powerful and innovative remote-controlled bullet vibrator for women. Lush is designed for solo play, discreet public pla..


Lush 2 Bluetooth Remote Control Vibrator

Lush 2 Bluetooth Remote Control VibratorThe Lovense Lush 2 wearable vibrator is the second version of one of the most advanced adul..


Lush 3 Bluetooth Remote Control Vibrator

Lovense Lush 3 Bluetooth Remote Control VibratorThe most powerful Bluetooth remote control vibrator!Lovense Lush 3 features an insertable egg ..


Max 2 Realistic Vagina Sleeve

Lovense Realistic Vagina Sleeve For Max 2Pairs with the Lovense Max 2 and heightens realism with a vulva-shaped opening and supple easy to cl..


Max 2 Replacement Sleeve

The Lovense Neutral Sleeve is a replacement sleeve with a non-representational opening and textured material that is compatible with the Lovense Max 2..


Max 2 Wireless Male Masturbator SALE

Max 2 Wireless Male Masturbator

Lovense Max 2 Bluetooth Interactive Male MasturbatorThe Lovense Max 2 is a state-of-the-art teledildonic sex toy that is primarily designed f..

$130.00 $119.00

Nora Rotating Head Rabbit Vibrator SALE

Nora Rotating Head Rabbit Vibrator

Nora is a bluetooth enabled rabbit vibrator that allows you to control your toy via your smartphone sync with music give control up control to a partn..

$130.00 $119.00

Osci 2 Oscillating G-Spot Vibrator SALE

Osci 2 Oscillating G-Spot Vibrator

The World's First Oscillating G-Spot ToyLovense Osci 2 is a new generation with a stronger motor improved head shape a more comfortable toy angle ..

$130.00 $119.00

Gemini Bluetooth Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Lovense Gemini Vibrating Nipple Clamps - PinkWorld’s first app-controlled vibrating nipple clamps. Adjustable clamping force design (tightening th..


Diamo Vibrating Bluetooth Cock Ring

Lovense Diamo Vibrating Bluetooth Cock RingLovense Diamo is a Bluetooth remote-controlled vibrating cock for comfortable wear that provides a hard..


Gush Handsfree Bluetooth Glans Masturbator

Lovense Gush Flexible & Handfree Bluetooth Glans MassagerCompact. Soft. Complementing. Gush is a flexible and hands-free glans massager and i..