Tenga Flip Hole Black

Tenga Flip Hole Black

The Tenga Flip Hole was designed to provide a unique sexual experience each and every time. While most of the male masturbation market has churned out artificial vaginas, Tenga opted for improvements. The Flip Hole features a hard case with flexible front face and buttons to allow you total control over the experience. Inside soft elastomer shapes turn each centimeter into a specific sensation. The vaccum pump controled by the buttons creates a squeezing pleasure. The wing gate has big ribs midway in to grip and hold you. The side ribs add side stimulation for maximum feel. The quattro wave provides waves of multiple sensations, while the 360 orb provides head stimulation. The lip flat provides a good grip upon insertion, while the shield flap helps to keep lubricants inside. The entire unit flips open for easy cleaning. This alone puts it ahead of the competition. All in all, the technology combines to provide you with a stimulating experience each time.​An Invigorating stimulation with dynamic elasticity!

Tenga's revolutionary Flip-style is back and is stronger than before in the form of the Flip Hole Black! The "Double-layered" interior accentuates details to their limits! Packed with Tenga's now-standard One-hand Control Pad function and easy to clean, easy to dry hygiene, the Flip Hole Black has landed.

Tenga Flip Hole is designed to be the best male masturbator on the market. The Tenga Flip hole is deliberately not a simple artificial vagina - it is better. Filled with silicone ribs; nubs; gates; flaps; and pumps; the Tenga Flip Hole has an astonishing complex inside shape. Every centimeter of it has a particular function. Its flexible casing with buttons allows a total control of the stimuli. Flip Hole is the first masturbator that can open itself completely. For this reason it's really easy to clean and to always keep it hygienic. The Tenga Flip Hole Black provides a tighter interior sleeve for a noticibly different feel from the Flip Hole White.

  • Its perfect tightness provides a dynamic stimulation
  • The accentuated three-dimensional details rythmically arouse
  • Pioneering molding technology give life to "Double-Layered" details

Size: 85×68×175mm/537g

How To Use:

With Proper Use the Flip Hole May Be Used Approximately 50 Times

Remove the wrapper that comes with it.

Open flip, there are 3 different lotions that come with it. Select the lotion that you prefer, pour lotion via an opening at hole. Buttons at the central pack increases the pressure at various parts of the organ. One just to to press and feel the different sensations. Following is just to use it and experience the stimulus as described above.

It is easy to wash the Tenga Fliphole, just open the flip hole and flush it with water and a light soap solution. Drying is easy, just turn the toy upside down open and allow itself to dry in a half open mode while the water droplets flow downwards.

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