Tenga Easy Beat Egg Variety Multi 6 Pack -New Standard

NEW Tenga Easy Beat Egg Variety Multi 6 Pack -New Standard

Crack open the revolutionary TENGA Egg masturbator and enjoy your best orgasm ever!

Tenga EGGs are not just masturbation holes, but masterpieces of pleasure! Disposable, discreet travel companions. Stretches and moves as you please, creating a variety of sensations! Within the outer plastic egg shell you will discover a soft and flexible rubber sleeve containing a sachet of personal lubricant to heighten the enjoyment and pleasure while bringing the experience closer to the satisfaction of intercourse. These egg-shaped masturbation sleeves offer six unique internal textures.

You will be fascinated how this 2.5" sex toy can stretch to accommodate every inch of him, stretching up to 12" in length and 8" in girth! Simply add the enclosed pouch of lube and enjoy knee-trembling sensations. Stimulate the penis head or stretch the sleeve down the entire shaft. Designed for single use. However, with careful use/cleaning and more lube, your TENGA Egg should be good to go again! They are perfect travel toys; just pop them in your pocket, or hide them in an egg carton! For an added kick, you may want to store it in your fridge

Tenga Egg Masturbation Sleeves are:

  • Unique
  • Packaged Discretely
  • Made of Body Safe Materials
  • Perfect Travel Toys
  • Disposable or Reusable
  • Packaged with Tenga Lubricant for each egg

Each Tenga Egg features a different texture & sensation:

  • Tenga Wavy II : Bold, rippling ridges overlap to bring wave after wave of stimulation. Vertical ribs form a stronger structure for even more dynamic sensations.
  • Tenga Boxy:  Boxy shapes surrounding the inside of this EGG are angled two ways, to bring pleasure from two directions.
    The opposing angles create different sensations when stroking up and down!
  • Tenga Brush: This EGG is packed to the brim with long, twisted strokers that brush along with every movement.
    With the spiraling ribs at the base, each stroker twists as you pass through for enveloping pleasure
  • Tenga Tornado: Detailed nubs form a tornado of pleasure as they spiral through the EGG.
    This EGG especially complements a twisting motion, along with the classic vertical stroking
  • Tenga Sphere: Big, bulbous orbs with ribs of their own adorn the inside of this EGG.
    Enjoy dynamic stimulation from the mix of sensations each orb and rib provides.
  • Tenga Silky II: An intertwining web of sensations awaits inside this extra-thick EGG.
    The squishy EGG provides smooth stimulation that builds up to an exciting climax!

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