Master Series

Master Series

With an eye on an underserved market of advanced Domination ware. The Masters Series is a line for the Aficionado player and skilled playthings. While certainly not for the faint of heart, this devious line includes domination tools that cover the spectrum of anal/vaginal dominance, chastity and sensation play.

Explore an abyss of taboo fantasies with Master Series! Spanning all levels and niches of BDSM and Fetish, this devious collection includes essentials for chastity, puppy play, Master/slave, medical fetish and much more! Discover cutting-edge toys, tools, and devices that will make your inner Dominant or submissive tremble with excitement. Craft an unforgettable play scene with unique accessories from Master Series. 

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Bad Bunny Bunny Mask

Bad Bunny Bunny MaskYou may be an adorable bunny... but you can still be dangerous! Are you a precious pet or a wild animal? Slip into this ravish..


Ball Trap Metal Ball Stretcher

Master Series Ball Trap Metal Ball Stretcher from XR BrandsIndulge in intense ball-tugging play with the Ball Trap! Bring some heavy metal to your..


Barrel Nipple Clamps

Master Series Amulet D-Vice Adjustable Barrel Nipple Clamps from XR BrandsThe Amulet D-Vice Adjustable Nipple Clamp Set is an effective training t..


Coax Collar to Wrist Restraints

Lock up your slave in this attractive and unique collar to wrist restraint set. This three-in-one bondage gear contains a luxurious vegan-friendly col..


Dark Rods 3 Piece Silicone Penis Plug Set

Master Series Dark Rods 3 Piece Silicone Penis Plug SetDelve into urethral play with three options of different textures and sizes. Each of t..


Deviant Monarch Weighted Nipple Clamps

Master Series Deviant Monarch Weighted Nipple Clamps  from XR BrandsThese ingenious clamps are specially designed to tighten their grip as th..


Deviants Orb 8 Oz Ball Weight

Master Series The Deviants Orb 8 ounces Ball WeightCome here, we have a little something we would like you to try. The Deviants Orb is a weighted ..


Fuk Tool Penis Sheath and Ball Stretcher

This firm yet stretchy cock sheath provides added girth, length, and texture. Now you can go longer and harder, just by slipping on this Fuk Tool. The..


Hell's Tether Ball Stretcher Humbler

Master Series Hell's Tether Ball Stretcher Humbler from XR BrandsHells Tether combines two devious ways to play with your subs sack! The weighty b..


Inertia Flexible Cum Thru Penis Plug

Sensory play with comfort in mind...This pliable plug features stainless steel interchangeable head rings and a stainless steel tip. The shaft is holl..


Jewel Butt Plug Diamond

These stunning chrome-plated steel plugs are beautifully designed for comfortable, long-term wear. Enjoy a constant sensation as these plugs weigh mor..


Mag Points Magnetic Nipple Clamp Set

Catch their naughty bits in your crosshairs! Experience piercing pleasure from these magnetic clamps. The gun metal finish and distinct shape create a..


Magna-chute Magnetic Ball Stretcher

Master Series Magna-chute Magnetic Ball Stretcher from XR BrandsMade of heavy duty stainless steel, this parachute style ball stretcher closes wit..


Magnetic Ball Stretcher

Master Series Master Magnetic Ball Stretcher from XR BrandsGreat for CBT enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys a strong tug on their scrotum, this heav..


Masters Mamba Cock Sheath Black

This lifelike penis extender is sure to satisfy both you and your lover by providing an increase in size and also prolonging your erection! Simply ins..


Masters Taint Licker Cock Ring Small

Uniquely shaped to provide you with different sensations not possible with regular cock rings. Its round tip will rub on the perineum (taint) while yo..


Mistress FemDom Pegging Kit

Show your man who the boss is with a kit that includes everything you need to dominate him, top to bottom! Rob him of his sight but leave that useful ..


Naughty Kitty Cat Mask

Naughty Kitty Cat MaskAG202 Act out your animalistic fantasies with the Naughty Kitty mask... Slip it on for a frisky foray with friends, or priva..


Parachute Ball Stretcher

Master Series from the Strict Leather line Parachute Ball StretcherMade from quality leather, this parachute wraps around at the base of your ball..


Penitentiary Gold Nipple Clamps and Cock Ring Set

Master Series Penitentiary Nipple Clamps & Cock Ring Set Gold from XR BrandsApprehend them with this golden nipple clamp and cock ring set. Tw..


Power Exchange Vibrating Urethral Sound

Master Series Power Exchange Vibrating Urethral Stainless Steel SoundExperience a devious play session that vibrates-an instrument used in "power ..


Power Pins Magnetic Nipple Clamps

Master Series Power Pins Magnetic Nipple Clamps from XR BrandsSurround your most sensitive parts with magnetic pressure! The Power Pins can be app..


Stainless Steel Rings of Fire Nipple Press Set

Rings of Fire Nipple Press SetThis set of screw-down nipple presses will put a sensual squeeze on your partner. Designed for intense sensations, t..


Stainless Steel Vibrating Urethral Sound

Master Series Power Exchange Sound Vibrating MediumThis vibrating urethral sound has amazing potential. It is devious enough in its intended purpo..


The Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine SALE

The Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine

Create your ultimate BDSM and sex station with this versatile sex machine! The Dicktator provides pounding, penetrating pleasure at the control of you..

$1,049.00 $749.00

The Enforcer Black Wooden Humbler

Master Series The Enforcer Black Wooden Humbler from XR BrandsWhen stricter enforcement is necessary put your sub in their place with this adjusta..


Vault Neoprene 3 Snap Ball Stretcher

Master Series Vault Neoprene 3 Snap Ball Stretcher from XR BrandsThis ball stretcher is made from firm, flexible, and slightly stretchy Neoprene m..


Untamed XL Fox Tail Anal Plug

The shining metal of this visually stunning plug is topped by a bushy tail of real fur, to help unleash their wild side. The smooth, flawless aluminum..


Affix Triple Chain Nipple Clamps

Please your partner with the stunning aesthetic of these unique nipple clamps. The extreme grip tip keeps them firmly on your lovers nipples, pinching..


Anais Y Style Nipple to Clit Set

Master Series Anais Y Style Nipple to Clit Tweezer Clamp SetConnect her most sensitive areas together. These clamps have vinyl-coated ends, linke..


Chained Collar & Nipple To Clit Clamps

Master Series Chained Collar & Nipple To Clit ClampsCollar Nipple and Clit Clamp Set from Master Series. With this chained collar and clamp set, ..


Nipple Press Clamps With Chain

Master Series Intensity Nipple Press Clamps with Chain from XR BrandsThese unique clamps are a favorite in the BDSM world. Originally used for she..


Submission Collar & Nipple Clamp Union

Master Series Submission Collar and Nipple Clamp Union from XR BrandsImagine the seductive combination of collar and clamp, pleasure and pressure...


Captive Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps

These easy to use clamps have a simple screw-down design, accented with heart shaped padlock detailing. The vinyl coated tips allow for a comfortable ..


Crowned Magnetic Nipple Clamps

Master Series Crowned Magnetic Nipple Clamps - SilverThese nipple clamps are fit for royalty! The powerful magnetic clamps of this regal couple a..


Dark Droplets Curved Anal Trainer Set

Dark Droplets – 3 Piece Curved Anal Trainer SetElevate your anal pleasure with these 3 velvety drops, designed for easy anal pleasure for all..


Mortal Coil Graduated Steel Sound

Master Series Mortal Coil Graduated Steel SoundThis imaginative sound instrument is made of brushed stainless steel and is designed to increase pl..


Enforcer Wooden Humbler Scrotum Stretcher

The Enforcer Black Wooden Humbler Scrotum Stretcher from Master SeriesWhen stricter enforcement is necessary...put your sub in their place with th..


Gates of Hell Cum Thru Sound

Gates of Hell Stainless Steel Adjustable Cum Thru SoundThis adjustable sounding cage will hold your cock upright as the hollow urethral insert sli..


Lacuna Cum Thru Penis Jewel

Master Series Lacuna Cum Thru Penis JewelWant a Prince Albert piercing minus the permanence? The Lacuna Penis Jewel gives you the pierced loo..