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Letters to Penthouse XXXXII

In this class, you come out on top...or bottom. To eager students of human sexuality in all its wild and amazing forms: Welcome to Penthouse Universit..


Letters to Penthouse XXXXIII

Making Love to #1 It can't be wrong when it's not hurting anybody - and it feels so good. Now in delicious detail, happy addicts to the solitary vice ..


Letters to Penthouse XXXXIV

The naughtiest hookups, the dirtiest deeds, and the most sinful tell-alls... Letters to Penthouse XXXXIV celebrates hot and steamy sexual encounters t..


Letters to Penthouse XXXXV

The secret is out ? women (and men!) love to submit! Women love kinky sex, some daring to cross the line, often sharing stories with their breathless,..


Letters to Penthouse XXXXVI

Tripping the lust fantastic... Ever mentally undress a nubile co-worker, or intensely desire storybook swashbucklers? Tempted by racy role-playing, or..


Letters to Penthouse XXXXVII

The party starts before the scrubs come off. Burning up with hot love fever? This over-the-counter collection of erotica is the only prescription you ..


Letters to Penthouse XXXXVIII

How far will people go in (or out) of the bedroom? What sexual boundaries do they dream about crossing? In this red-hot collection of letters from the..


Little Big Book of Breasts

Some call it the American obsession, but men everywhere recognize the hypnotic allure of a large and shapely breast. In The Little Big Book of Breasts..


Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions

Ready to explore the best, boldest and bravest positions of all time? Open to any page in The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions and discov..


Little Black Book of Kama Sutra

The Classic Guide to LovemakingAdapting ancient wisdom for the modern lover, this little black book is the consummate guide to the ways of passion..


Little Black Book of Sex Positions

A handy little pocket guide for when they're feeling randy. If they think there are only three positions that get the job done, then it's time fo..


Little Book of Sex: Hot Hot Hot

People succumb to their primal desires with The Little Book of Sex. From the first signs of attraction to the post-coital glow, they explore the ..


Love Street: Pulp Romance for Modern Women

Visually arresting, irresistibly sexy, and ferociously funny, this faux 1980s pulp love magazine is the perfect beach read, coffee table accessory, or..


Lover's Guide to Homemade Video

Inside every person, as timid as they might seem, dwells a being who feels curious about or enjoys watching themselves naked in erotic situations, whe..


Loving Dominant

The Loving Dominant offers the greatest breadth of subject of any basic BDSM guide available today, including some basic toy making patterns and an en..


Loving Sex by Laura Berman

Sex in a loving relationship can be the deepest and most meaningful experience a couple can share and yet many couples find themselves too time starve..


Lust in Latex

Editrix extraordinaire Rachel Kramer Bussel tried on a latex dress and instantly discovered the very special and very sensual pleasures of fetish fash..


Making Love Potions

64 All Natural Recipes For Irresistible Herbal AphrodisiacsHerbs are hot! And in Making Love Potions, best-selling author Stephanie L. ..


Male Multiple Orgasm

Techniques That Guarantee You And Your Lover Intense Sexual Pleasure Again and Again and AgainDon't Be A 2-Minute Lover!It's true - 75% o..


Mammoth Book of Erotic Romance & Domination

Fifty Shades of Grey opened readers' eyes and minds to the assorted kinks of BDSM-bondage, dominance and submission, role-playing, spanking, and other..


Mammoth Book of Quick & Dirty Erotica

Over 130 of the very best short pieces of erotica writing are compiled here for a steamy and sensual read of "quickies" in 1,500 words or less, from s..



From N.T. Morley, editor, a prolific erotica writer specializing in bondage and domination, and sado-masochistic fiction comes a whip-cracking antholo..


Mating in Captivity: Reconciling the Erotic & the Domestic

Mating in Captivity offers a new and interesting take on intimacy and sex and invites the reader to explore the paradoxical union of domesticity and s..


Mistress Manual

The brainchild of an experienced and wickedly creative dominant woman, The Mistress Manual gives the curious but shy woman the skills and encouragemen..


Modern Kama Sutra

The 2,000-year-old Kama Sutra is widely regarded as the most famous work on erotic pleasure ever created. This original new interpretation of the Hind..


Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex

Is there sex after sixty? In Naked at Our Age, sex expert Joan Price answers this question with a resounding Yes! Unblinkingly honest and painstakingl..


Naughty Bedtime Stories

A variety of 24 steamy tales by Elizabeth Lloyd "He's a psychic. She's got a dirty mind. They were made for each other." "When a chambermaid misbehave..


Naughty Fairy Tales from A-Z

A hot and sexy twist on traditional fairy tales Starting with "All McQueen's Men" and ending with "Zoe White and the Seven Whores" these twenty-six ta..


Naughty Truth or Dare Kit

Looking to add a little spark to a date night in or a gathering of your closest friends? Crack open Naughty Truth or Dare for 104 juicy prompts to get..


New Bottoming Book

Nearly a decade ago, this book began teaching tens of thousands of people the joyous art of BDSM bottoming. Since then, the growing popularity of BDSM..


New Erotic Photography

The world's finest contemporary erotic photographers Imagine walking into a room filled with the world's finest contemporary erotic photographers, eac..


New Love and Sex After 60

They may be getting older, but love and sex are still a vital part of their life. Here is the book that speaks to their concerns about sex beyond the ..


New Topping Book

Nearly a decade ago, this book began teaching tens of thousands of people the joyous art of BDSM topping. Since then, the growing popularity of BDSM, ..


Nifty Shades of Play

A Fantasy Sauce BookFeeling a bit hot in the workplace? Missing your significant other and fancy a secret frisson that won't get you arrested? Or ..


Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy

Taryn Joyner never thought much about sex and never in her wildest dreams imagined that she'd wind up working in an 'adult' store for a living. But ..


Open: Love, Sex & Life in an Open Marriage

Finally, a book about open marriage that grapples with the problems surrounding monogamy and fidelity in an honest, heartfelt and non-fringe manner. O..


Oral Sex He'll Never Forget

52 Positions & Techniques Guaranteed To Blow Your Man AwayTechniques that will take him over the edge!Your mother probably told you that ..


Oral Sex She'll Never Forget

For many women intercourse isn't enough to get them from "oh" to "oh-YES!'. Getting a woman to orgasm has more to do with movement of your lips than w..


Orgasms: How to Have Them, Give Them, And Keep Them Coming

Whether you are out to set your sheets on fire or you want to discover a deeper intimacy, Orgasms provides the inspiration and information you and you..


Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause

"So much has been learned about menopause in the last twenty-five years -- what a challenge it had to be to treat the subject in a comprehensive, comp..