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How To Be Kinkier - More Adventures in Adult Playtime

A Wonderful Guide to Kinky SexualityAre you looking to explore the kinkier side of your sex life on the weekends? Maybe you want to move into a fu..


How to Be Knotty

The Essential Guide to Modern Rope BondageHow to be Knotty: The Essential Guide to Modern Rope Bondage is intended for those who have a little exp..


How to Give a Mind Blowing BJ

Learn the 60-second lick to get out of the starting gate, the flick-off, the stop-and-go and loads of other mouth moves to make him moan. Discover way..


Human Pony

Renowned pony mistress, Rebecca Wilcox, has distilled her decades of experience into a comprehensive, photographically illustrated introduction to out..


I Love Female Orgasm

An Extraordinary Orgasm GuideThis book have everything you want to know about the Big O! Having them during intercourse, the G-spot, first org..


Intercourses Cookbook

Sexy, artistic and delicious, this unique book combines 65 heart-melting recipes and 20 full-color photographs of aphrodisiacs set on the backdrop of ..


Jessica Drake's Senior Sex DVD

Sex has no expiration date! No, sex after 60, 70, and beyond isn't the same as younger age sex--but in some ways it's even better! With the right info..


Juliette Society

Catherine, a film student whose sexuality has been recently stirred, finds herself drawn into a secret club where the world's most powerful people mee..


Juliette Society 3: The Mismade Girl

The pendulum has shifted in Catherine's life once again. Four years after peeling back the curtain and discovering the carnal secrets held within The ..


Kama Sutra

For couples looking to spice up their sex life or just looking to have a bit of fun, Kama Sutra: A Position a Day is packed with tips and erotic know-..


Kama Sutra 365

From the Congress of the Cow to the Splitting of the Bamboo, this book gives you a year's worth of awe-inspiring sex positions to breathe new life int..


Kama Sutra Workout

Work hard, play harder with the Kama Sutra Workout, which moves the Kama Sutra from the bedroom to the gym. Reach new heights of sexual blis..


Kama Sutra: Modern Guide to the Ancient Art of Sex

Sex expert Nitya Lacroix brings an energetic new take to ancient sex techniques and positions in Kama Sutra. This lively and inspirational text offers..


Kinky Contract

Written by an attorney, this legal-style document is a practical guide to help establish a beautiful kinky experience that is refreshingly naughty. Us..


Kinky Truth or Dare Pick a Stick

Take sexy to a whole new level with this kinky version of truth or dare. Featuring 50 sticks printed with a racy truth on one side and a dirty dare on..


Laws of Love DVD

New Sensations Romance: Laws of Love DVDMartin Hitch has just about, brains, and a career that has him on the fast-track to mak..


Lesbian Sex 101

Think beyond cunnilingus! This explicit, photographic guide illustrates 101 positions with fun names like; Velvet Rope, Dutch Tulip, Strawberries and ..


Letters to Penthouse 51: Backdoor Adventures

So hot, so smooth, so's the superhighway to pleasure that you may not know how to take-until someone shows you the way. Now, meet the eroti..


Letters to Penthouse 52: Dirty Girls and Sex Toys

Toys aren't just for the playroom anymore. These signature Penthouse stories will confirm that almost anything can get someone off with a little imagi..


Letters to Penthouse 53: Horny MILFs and Cougars on the Prowl

Mrs. Robinson isn't the only cougar in town. There are plenty of hot mamas and flirty forties just waiting for a stud to make them feel young again. P..


Letters to Penthouse She's Wild She's horny She's Married

Penthouse readers know that when it comes to forbidden sex, married women are very hot, experienced, and insatiable. Now in this milestone collection ..


Letters to Penthouse XIV

Each book in this series has a collection of MANY different short erotic stories. The stories can range from just a couple of paragraphs to a few page..


Letters to Penthouse XVIII

Each book in this series has a collection of MANY different short erotic stories. The stories can range from just a couple of paragraphs to a few page..


Letters to Penthouse XXI

You hit the sexual Jackpot! Welcome to LETTERS TO PENTHOUSE XXI - a magical, winning number, as every player knows. And we guarantee you'll find every..


Letters to Penthouse XXII

Each book in this series has a collection of MANY different short erotic stories. The stories can range from just a couple of paragraphs to a few page..


Letters to Penthouse XXIII

They won't tell their shrink. They won't tell their priest. They won't tell their best friend. But they're ready to tell you. Get ready to hear the mo..


Letters to Penthouse XXIV

It's Sweet To Cheat! Is fidelity overrated? The sexy women and men you're about to meet in these pages - straight out of the sizzling files of Penthou..


Letters to Penthouse XXIX

In the newest compilation of 150 hot letters from Penthouse readers, your customer will find someone who knows just what it takes to send them to unpr..


Letters to Penthouse XXVIII

Each book in this series has a collection of MANY different short erotic stories. The stories can range from just a couple of paragraphs to a few page..


Letters to Penthouse XXX

The Most Scorching, Forbidden and Erotic Penthouse Sex Ever! Welcome to a milestone in the Penthouse revolution. And "XXX" marks the spot. The thirtie..


Letters to Penthouse XXXI

Sexy and Spontaneous Name a playful position, a kinky combination, or a sizzling scenario. At Letters to Penthouse, sex never gets old. And nothing is..


Letters to Penthouse XXXIII

Your customers are about to enjoy the most sizzling sensation known to woman or man - the thrill of the hunt. Whether they're the smitten stalker or t..


Letters to Penthouse XXXIV

Today's woman loves sex-and she loves it her way. She sees what she wants and goes for it, especially when it comes to the hottest bedroom partners. N..


Letters to Penthouse XXXIX

The sexual satisfaction could be right next door! This installment of Letters To Penthouse XXXIX takes you around the neighborhood to everything from ..


Letters to Penthouse XXXV

Adults only at these birthday bashes! The editors of Penthouse invite you to the biggest, steamiest party of the year celebrating that most special da..


Letters to Penthouse XXXVI

Lust. To some it's a deadly sin, to others it's a delicious hunger screaming to be satisfied. Now, see how uninhibited Penthouse readers follow their ..


Letters to Penthouse XXXVII

Everybody knows older men love younger women. Youth has been the prize since the beginning of sex. Well...times have changed. Move over, boys. There's..


Letters to Penthouse XXXVIII

They make your fantasies real. Sex fantasies-we all have them. But how many of us get to fulfill them? Meet the brave and sexy souls who not only dare..


Letters to Penthouse XXXX

It's XXX because it's the wildest edition ever! In this titillating collection of the steamiest takes, the naughtiest hookups, the dirtiest deeds, and..


Letters to Penthouse XXXXI

Saying "I Do" never felt so good. These kept kittens and cougars are ready to do everything-and everyone-with the hearty blessing, and eager participa..