JockRing Add On Accessories

JockRing Add On Accessories

JockRing Add On Accessories: WhaleBone Bulge Booster & Luigi The Lobster

Luigi The Lobster is a new optional Jocking add-on and his job is to exert a little loving and tender pressure at the start of the perineum and to create the optimal pivot angle for some heroic support and control to your mojo. When attached to any of our 'JOCKRING' range c-rings, he adds a little additional tightness specifically at the under-side of your cock-ring where it is appreciated the most. This upgrade essentially improves the natural angle of the ring while creating a bursting sense of control. The additional pressure point at the start of the perineum offers a mild massage but mainly creates a heroic sensation of control and stability.

The Whale-bone bulge-booster is Esculpta’s first add-on to launch and it is a game-changer. Imagine an add-on that boosts your bulge more protrusively than any specialized or enhancing jock-strap, thong or underwear.. Well it has just been invented and it's so innovative that you'll want to tell your mother about it! When attached to any of our 'Jockring' range c-rings, it acts like a smooth 'sling-bar' for the scrotum sac to rest on. This rests the testicles away from the body, allowing them to 'overflow' neatly over at a comfortable distance whilst creating a tantalizing tension that many men find pleasurable. Whalebone offers maximum bulge to your lunchbox. It is a well known fact that wearing a cock ring alone even without such an add-on boosts one's bulge significantly. So if you like getting a little more attention on the beach or at the gym you may already have discovered how well a cock-ring works in accentuating your assets noticeably. Now imagine that bulge further amplified a great deal with this specialized bulge-enhancing add-on. In case you think displaying bulge is like 'cheating', here's a small industry secret: Most underwear and swimwear models are given c-rings to make their package look sublime. 

As A Set: Together they compose a beautiful 'power tool' that extend the capabilities of our JockRing range. A fusion of sensational aesthetics, performance and enhancement provides you with the tools to customize and tweak your precious toys like it has never been possible before. Together they make a cozy team but they are also interchangeable can be worn independently on occasion. Become a witness of jewelry history in the making!

  • SECONDARY USE: When you're not using this product to allure smaller fish in the ocean or making a curvaceous waterfall for your bullocks, you can flaunt both the whalebone and the lobster around your neck as a stunning pendant!  Be warned that people will ask about it! Its your call how you want to direct the conversations and how entertaining your reply will be. A Key feature of the add-on is that our designer wanted it to double as a 'conversation-piece' carrying enough uniqueness to get people asking.. and we find that it works wonderfully!
  • COMPATIBILITY: This add-on combo is compatible with ALL cock-rings in our JOCKRING range (including future launches). Please note that it is NOT compatible with items in our 'Le cock Ring' range.


  • Glossy Silver Plated Metal Alloy
  • A long pendant chord (about 115cm) that be adjusted to your size.

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