Magnetic Bunny Tail Crystal Anal Plug

SALE Magnetic Bunny Tail Crystal Anal Plug

Crystal Delights introduces their newest innovation! You loved their original bunny tail that is firmly attached to their amazing Borosilicate glass plug, but NOW you can have the best of both worlds, their bunny tail AND the ability to detach it!

This makes cleaning a breeze and lets you switch out which tail you want to wear! This new cute little tail has a Neodymium Super Magnet that attaches it firmly to the plug. Because of the magnetic strength we suggest that you just slide it to the side to remove the tail from the plug rather than pulling it off. Tails are fragile and we don’t suggest pulling on them.

Crystal Delights will be adding this magnetic feature to some of their longer, swishier tails in the near future, as well as adding a line of just magnetic tails without the plug. This will let you pick and choose the tail you want to wear to fit your spirit that day.

The Crystal Minx Tail is Winner of the 2013 XBiz Award for "Best Non-Powered Pleasure Product" & 2012 AVN Award for "Best Fetish Product" of the Year!

This Crystal Delights glass anal plug comes with a removable faux fur tail shaped and dyed to resemble a bunny tail. This fun anal plug is perfect to become someone's extra-special pet with an extra-special toy, making for an anal toy that will feel as good to pet as it does to wear. Beware of hounds while wearing.

Designed for the perfect passionate interlude, whether alone or with a partner, the slender stem glides down to a flared base, ensuring the plug is comfortable once inserted and is safe to use. The flared base keeps the toy safely outside of the body, enabling it to be retrieved, guided, and removed anytime you wish.

Unique and handcrafted, each Crystal Delights erotic object has been designed for both intimate and aesthetic enjoyment. With no two toys exactly the same, every piece is an adult art sculpture with a special purpose in mind.

Highly skilled artisans, using techniques they have cultivated through years of experience and training, design each beautifully crafted piece. Then each glass sculpture is adorned with a fluffy magnetic faux fur tail, dyed and shaped like a round bunny tail - offering a visually stunning experience for the wearer or the viewer.

Glass Plug Specifications - Short Stem - Small Bulb (all specifications are approximate)

  • Length: 3.3" inches
  • Insertable Length: 2.8" inches
  • Bulb Width: 1.3" inches
  • Weight:  3.3 ounces

Because these products are all hand made, they will differ slightly in the overall dimensions. Please expect that your piece will look very similar to the picture, but the dimensions given are approximate and no two toys are exactly the same. With proper care and use, a Crystal Delights toy will last a lifetime.

  • Smooth Body-Safe Materials
  • Natural and Eco-Friendly
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Great for temperature play
  • Made in the USA

Available in Three Fur Tail Colors: Pink, White & Black

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