Classic Glass Prism Plug

Classic Glass Prism Plug

Classic Glass Prism Plug from Crystal Delights

Crystal Delights goal is to bring more beauty into everyone’s boudoir. The Prism Plug takes it up a notch, if we do say so ourselves. After all - a shimmering sphere of faceted glass crowning our classic plug? Tres magnifique!

Crystal Delights artisans start with high quality, body-safe clear borosilicate glass, and hand craft it to our exacting quality specifications. They shape it to allow for easy insertion & comfortable wear, with a flared base to make retrieval easier (and ensure it’s safe to use for anal play).

We then hand select a faceted prism ball and pair it with our classic plug to add brilliance to your day; whether you choose it in dazzling clear white or prismatic aurora borealis, the inner (and outer) beauty of this spectacular plug will shine for years to come.

Borosilicate glass is not only beautiful; it’s sturdy and strong, and safe to use with any lubricant of your choice. It’s also easy to clean & care for, and its non-porous nature makes it safe to share with partners (or keep just for yourself)! You’ll find that it retains temperature exceptionally well, making it a perfect choice for adding warmth or chill to your intimate sensation play.

Your Crystal Delights product may be cleaned with soap & water or a commercial toy cleaner. We do not recommend boiling or using a dishwasher, as it may affect stability of any attachments, however a UV toy sanitizer may be used. Likewise, we do not suggest freezing or boiling the toy to avoid bodily injury and possibly compromising the beauty of the toy. For temperature play simply using hot/warm or cold water and letting the glass sit in it for a few minutes works best. We recommend storing separately from other glass or metal toys to avoid stress fractures.; padded bags are available from us to help guard against accidental breakage.

Specifications (all specifications are approximate as the glass is handcrafted)

  • Short Stem - Small Bulb
    • Length: 4.4" inches (end to end)
    • Bulb Diameter Width: 1.3" inches
    • Weight: 5 ounces

Because these products are all hand made, they will differ slightly in the overall dimensions. Please expect that your piece will look very similar to the picture, but the dimensions given are approximate and no two anal plugs are exactly the same. With proper care and use, a Crystal Delights toy will last a lifetime.

  • Smooth Body-Safe Materials
  • Natural and Eco-Friendly
  • Quality Borosilicate Glass

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