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Dame Eva IIInnovative Designs from Dame Products

Check out our new pleasure line of innovative sex toys from Dame Products. The mission of Dame's products is to close the "pleasure gap". Founded by women, Dame Products wishes to make conversations about sex and sexual pleasure more mainstream, and to treat toys for sex like any other consumer product. They believe feeling comfortable talking about sex and pleasure as a society is a crucial element to gender and sex equality.

All Dame Products are ergonomic, comfortable and beautifully designed, creating tools to help improve sexual wellbeing.

Dame offers sleek and modern designs to deliver your next orgasm. Products like the hands free Eva II clitoral vibrator, the Fin finger vibrator which adds stimulating vibration to touch, the Pom flexible vibe that fits perfectly into your palm,and the Kip lipstick vibe all showcase their distinctive minimal chic designs. Even the sensual Dame Pillo for sex blends into the bedroom ready to assist in your positioning adventures. Dame Products are so stylish you will want to display them on your nightstand.

Shop the Dame Product line today and see why Dame is making the world a happier place, one vagina at a time.

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