Ride On Cowgirl

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The Cowgirl Ride-On Sex MachineCum Take An Orgasmic Ride On The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

The Cowgirl ride-on sex machine is a luxurious show stopper and deserves to take center stage in every high end play room. Financially this is an investment in pleasure, that is paid off in intense orgasms with every ride, time and time again. The Cowgirl is a Sybian style sex machine, super powerful and seriously intense. It comes with two silicone riding pads. The Rawhide pad delivers clitoral pleasure and could even be ridden with your clothes on. The Wild West pad delivers both clitoral and g-spot rotation pleasure with a silicone insertible dildo that can be stiffened with 2 different types of rods. A variety of riding pads can be purchased separately, some featuring a realistic penis and another for dual penetration. 

The look and feel of the Cowgirl sex machine is absolutely gorgeous and built to last. Straddling the saddle feels amazing. You control the level of vibration and movement of the dildo with the wired remote control or via a smartphone app. The smartphone app makes it fun for you or your partner to control your ride. The vibration is intense and the Cowgirl sex machine is excellent for multiple orgasms. I've managed six in a row before collapsing and giving up the saddle! The rider takes control of the clitoral pressure by how much pressure you apply to the saddle pad. Not only do you control the vibration intensity with ten levels to chose from, you can also control the rotation of the dildo. 

While it may be a pricey, the Cowgirl is one of the finest sex machines ever made and worth the investment. This is truly a luxury car for power seekers willing to invest in their sex lives and ride on into the sunset of orgasms and bliss.

Giddy Up Cowgirl.


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