Rouge Hegar Dilator Set

Rouge Hegar Dilator Set

Set consists of 8 dilators made of body-safe stainless steel and comes in a leather case. Each non porous dilator has a smooth shaft for comfort while creating intense stimulation and pleasure. Hegar dilators provide the option of double-ended dilators in even-millimeter increments from 3 to 18mm for a greater diameter range over the entire set.

This 8-dilator set features a range of stainless steel dilators in different sizes, allowing you to explore until you find your favourite size and fit.

These dilators have a double ended design, and each one features a smaller side - as well as a side that’s 1mm bigger. They’re perfect for beginners and allow you to play at your own pace. These dilators are made from stainless steel and offer size options from 3mm all the way up to 18mm for an excellent range of choice. They’re non-porous, and are easily cleaned and maintained. These dilators increase sensitivity and make him more responsive to touch. They can be used with lubricant for enhanced comfort and easier insertion. The Hegar dilator set is a favourite with men who love variety.

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