Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis Strap Set of 2

Mystim Rodeo Robin Penis Strap Set of 2

(Sex) Life is a bitch / (Sex) Life is not a picnic

Howdy Cowboy – ready for that legendary ride on the razor blade? With Rodeo Robin you get that tingly pleasure with quite a sharp edge. That would suit you, wouldn’t it? Those two slim, bi-polar penis-testicle-straps are extra-long and infinitely variable, so they fit any size … even yours. Feel free to choose whether you want them on the rocks, tacked to the knob or wrapped around the shaft of your tool – and then have them tightened mercilessly. Your lashed down family jewels are always such a fun to watch – especially your futile attempts to get out of that tight spot. Yee-haw!


For unbridled desire: Rodeo Robin will excite your joy-knob even more, when you add some electric stimulation to the game. Depending on the setting it’ll drive you crazy in a really slow trot or whips you to sensational climaxes in a neck breaking gallop. To activate the poles, you need an electrical device like our Tension Lover or Mystim Pure Vibes. Please use a water-based lubricant like “Bonnie and Glide” or “The Goldfather” gel, which will also increase electrical conductivity. Which setting will put your corona, your penis-root or your testicles on ecstatic fire? Put on the penis-testicle-straps and adjust the seize until the toy fits with just a soft pressure. By the way: Keep an eye on the loop with the black electrical cord. The nearer to the body you place it, the stronger the stimulation will be.

  • Length of penis- respectively glans strap 35 cm
  • Eccentric set of penis straps with e-stim
  • Diameter Individually adjustable by pulling and pinning the ends
  • Straps are infinitely variable
  • Fits perfectly around the glans respectively root of penis or testicles.
  • The smooth silicone body provides intensive stimulation
  • Length of the testicle strap 40 cm
  • Made of 100 % medical silicone
  • Colour black
  • 2 poles (bi-polar)
  • Electrical cords included
  • 12 months warranty
  • Electric Stimulation requires Mystim Cluster Buster or Mystim Tension Lover Digital Stimulator – Sold Separately
  • Connection via Mystim Plug and a 2 mm socket
  • Shipping within the USA and Canada only


After unplugging or releasing the adapter, Rodeo Robin is easily cleaned. It’s made of 100% medical, hygienic silicone, so all you need is water and mild suds.

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