Maleva and Malonga Chinese Ben Wah Balls

SALE Maleva and Malonga Chinese Ben Wah Balls

Truly decadent, Maleva & Milonga are a set of stunning Chinese Balls made from hand-polished Agate stone and wrapped in Native Silver with a beautiful 3” chain for easy removal.  Each ball measures 1.35”d.

Art, beauty, sensuality…something for the senses to crave. Kegel balls are highly recommended for toning and strengthening vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, and not only for postpartum exercise and improved bladder control, but so much more! Trained and toned muscles lead to more sensations during sex of all varieties, more muscle control, and improved orgasms. These small, weighted kegel balls are excellent for pelvic floor muscles that are already somewhat toned or have done previous kegel exercises, as they are more difficult to hold in than their larger, lighter counterparts.

Unique and each one-of-a-kind, these stunning artisan pieces are completely hand-crafted and made with natural stone, soft leather, and native silver that is mined, poured, and carved in Argentina.

Presented in buttery smooth leather pouches lined with lamb’s wool and accented with a drawstring and Argentinean Peso, no attention to detail has been spared!

  • Each balls measures 1.35" d.
  • Weight combined: 3.6 oz.

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