Fun Factory Storage Toybag - 3 Sizes

Fun Factory Storage Toybag - 3 Sizes

Make sure your toys are always ready when you want them, with a storage bag that keeps them safe from dust and lint (not to mention prying eyes!). 

Store toys in this discreet, convenient water-resistant toybag from Fun Factory. Made from sturdy Tyvek, protect toys from lint and dust in this easy, zippered bag sturdy enough for your favorite Fun Factory toys. Great to also be used as a make-up or electronics bag while traveling.


  • Transport your toys stylishly and discreetly
  • Dust- and lint-free storage
  • 100% Tyvek – durable and water-resistant
  • Hygienic and odorless
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in 3 sizes
    • Small 4.7”x7”
    • Medium 4.7”x10”
    • Large 6.3”x12”
  • Appealing metallic look

It’s a special kind of bummer to reach for your favorite toy only to find that your cat has been hanging out on your bedside table and your toy is covered in calico fur, or that it’s acquired a layer of lint from living in your sock drawer. Avoid the moment where you sigh heavily and get up to wash off your toy by storing it in a durable, lint-free Tyvek TOYBAG

This discreet, water-resistant storage bag, which doubles easily as a makeup bag or swimsuit carrier, keeps your toys pristine as you transport them. Toss your vibe into a TOYBAG and toss the bag into your purse or briefcase before a tryst. You’ll never have to worry about pulling out a dildo while you’re searching for your metro card again. 

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