Carezza by Lora DiCarlo

Carezza by Lora DiCarlo

PercussionTouch™ Clitoral Massager

Meet the unicorn of magic fingers. With patent-pending PercussionTouch™ technology, Carezza is designed to mimic a human finger pulsating on your clitoris (or wherever you’re craving a little stimulation.) It starts with a gentle concentrated stroke, building to a deep drumming vibration. And it fits in your palm with a soft, rounded tip that pinpoints your pleasure.

  • Totally new sensations - Carezza’s stroke and drumming is different from other types of stimulation.
  • Pinpointed stimulation - mimics a human fingertip

    We are here to empower your path to pleasure. 

    It’s more than a vibe

    Set the speed of your sensations with patent-pending PercussionTouch™ technology. Carezza’s wide range of stimulation goes from light tapping to intense drumming—so quick, it feels like a powerful vibration.

    Totally new sensations

    Microrobotics make Carezza unique, mimicking the feeling of a human fingertip. Start slow and explore different placements until you find just the right mind-blowing spot. Unlike vibrating sex toys, Carezza does not use vibration to stimulate erogenous zones. Instead, the Lora DiCarlo team of US-based engineers developed PercussionTouch™ technology to deliver sensual stimulation in an entirely new capacity. They utilize biomimicry to recreate the feeling of human touch, and for Carezza, that results in the sensation of fingers massaging the body ranging from light, gentle taps to intense thrumming. This innovative technology, combined with velvet-touch silicone results in a remarkable range of motion and realistic sensations that redefines the way we tap into pleasure.

    • Waterproof
    • Medical Grade Silicone
    • Shipping limited to USA and Canada

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