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Brand X Liquid Latex Glymmer Effect Powder

Brand X Liquid Latex Glymmer Effect Powder

Make your latex Sparkle and Glimmer

A finishing product highly recommended to be used after the final coat of Brand X Latex has been applied and dried. Glymmer provides a sparkling, pearlescent, or metallic effect and keeps the latex from sticking to itself. Can also be used directly on skin to add a Glimmer to any day!

  • .5 oz.
  • Options: Gold or Silver

Use with Brand X Latex Body Paints

Important Warning: People with latex or ammonia allergy, extremely sensitive skin or sensitivity to ammonia smell should avoid use of Brand X™ Liquid Latex. A test patch of skin is recommended prior to use. If a rash develops, remove latex, wash the affected areas with soap and water, and discontinue use. Liquid Latex should only be applied to children under strict supervision. Do not ingest, and keep out of eyes, nose, mouth and other orifices. This product is non toxic and biodegradeable, however, do not spill on carpets, clothing and other permeable objects, as liquid latex is permanent on such items. This product should not be used as a prophylactic or contraceptive and can be corrosive and should not be used on certain metals, such as iron, silver, brass and bronze. Stainless steel and aluminum are generally not reactive with latex. Enchanted Pleasures dba Northern Pride Collections assumes no legal responsibility for consumer’s use of this product and advises to please use responsibly.

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