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Tenga is a Japanese brand of unique masturbation aids (masturbators) and personal lubricants. The company's male masturbators have been noted for their design aesthetics unexpected for a sex toy, and have received an industrial design award. Tenga offers several product categories. Disposable "Cup" series which are intended for one-time use only, "Flip" series that split open to be easily washable and reusable, compact "Egg" series which resemble Easter eggs and stretch when in use, and "Tenga 3D" series which are intended to be reversed when not in use, showing its geometric patterns. TENGA products are engineered to produce a potent, but controllable, sucking sensation without motors, pumps, or somebody that just might not be in the mood. Tenga products deliver an unmatched solo sexual experience through superior engineering and the finest-quality materials.

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Wavy Tenga Egg Masturbation Sleeve

Crack open the revolutionary Wavy TENGA Egg masturbator and enjoy your best orgasm ever!The Wavy Easy Beat EGG brings you wave after wave of s..