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Bendy Beads Probe

Bendy Beads Probe


Best Sex Trick You Never Tried

Flexible enough to bend with your body and firm enough for easy insertion, these anal beads are perfect for couple or solo play.

  • Easy to sterilize & share
  • Meant For Anal Use
  • Waterproof
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 10.3 in in
  • Diameter: 1.3 in (largest bead)
  • Body Safe 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • SHIPPING NOTE: Shipping within the USA only! International Shipping is NOT available for this item.
  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany 

Want a more powerful orgasm? Lube up your BENDYBEADS. Insert the beads in your butt one at a time, enjoying the increasing feeling of fullness. Do whatever gets you off. When you’re reaching orgasm, pull the BENDYBEADS out (slowly, y’all, you’re not starting an engine) and feel your orgasm rocket out of this world as your muscles expand and contract around the beads. 

Upgrade your BENDYBEADS with the MassageBULLET. It fits perfectly into the loop at the end of the toy and adds sensual vibrations to your BENDYBEADS.

An exciting pearl chain for distinctive pleasure that is sturdy but flexible. The design is elegant and stylish. It measures 10 inches long and is made of medical grade silicone.

Bendy Beads are a particularly sexual example of anal beads, they are instantly recognizable, sending the tingles of lustful inspiration racing up the spine of any fan of anal play. Any who have dabbled in the often considered shady world of anal play will gladly testify that the pleasures are innumerable and anal play is the hallowed land of true sexual visionaries; from the sensations of a small plug and beads to the larger anal dildos, anal play allows Men to experience a whole new world of masterful pleasure, while for Women the monumental sensation of simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation is on hand to raise the experience of intercourse to astronomic heights.

Bendy Beads are truly magnificent anal beads; the graduated beads mean that the user can choose exactly how far and large they wish to go, for the more adventurous and experienced they provided ever greater feelings of depth and width as they ease further and further in.

Just remember that you can either insert and remove continuously during foreplay and intercourse, or alternatively insert right at the beginning of any sexual liaison and then remove upon climax to send your orgasm to new heights.

    Fun Factory sex toys are renowned the world over for taking the promiscuously erotic and adding a playful touch to lighten the mood. Bendy Beads from their Stubs Range are no exception to the rule; these anal beads are for the more experienced user yet their cheeky form offsets their wildly erotic function.


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