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Smart Balls Teneo Uno captivate lovers of the smaller pleasures in life. These vaginal balls are especially suitable for beginners and for women with a dropped or tilted uterus or those who simply want to get their pelvic muscles back in shape. Trained muscles lead to more feeling during sex. The ergonomically formed finger hollow makes insertion simple. The innovative technology of the Fun Factory benwa Smart Balls promises extremely quiet and smooth use as well as a very steady and fast rotation of the internal ball.

Smartballs can be worn for several hours. Every move you make causes the metal ball in the Smart Ball interior to vibrate, hence, the vaginal muscles are stimulated, massaged and exercised. "Training with the SMART BALLS Kegel Exerciser is super easy and effective. During everyday movements the balls train the sensibility of the inner musculature, activating the muscles and strengthening the pelvic floor." The Teneo Uno is wonderful vaginal muscle exerciser, that will remind you to do your kegels whenever you wear it. As you move throughout the day, the smaller ball inside the Teneo Uno ball rolls and bounces around and will cause a slight slipping sensation, which will cause extra tightening and flexing of the PC muscles as you unconsciously use your muscles to hold the Teneo Uno benwa ball in place. This continuous Kegel exercise will strengthen your PC muscles.

Smartballs are made of silicone which is non-porous and ultra-hygienic. Smartballs are easily retrievable with a silicone coated string. Because the Teneo Uno is mostly made of silicone it should ONLY be used with water based lubricants.

Special Features:

  • ergonomically formed finger hollow "easy-in" to assist with  insertion
  • seamless construction
  • perfect for women with a dropped or tilted uterus
  • velvety soft silicone
  • Removal loop made out of silicone
  • Steady rotation of balls
  • Very Quiet - nearly soundless
  • improved surface feel with crosslines
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  • Materials - Silicone
  • Waterproof 
  • Item Length - 1.5"
  • Item Height - 5" (Ball 1.5")
  • Item Width - 1.5"
  • Item Weight - 1.5oz
  • Color Options: Pink/Pink; White/Pink; Black/Pink

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