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Image Credits: Specials thanks to Photographer - Alexander Logaras.

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Male Leather Bondage Harness

Men's leather harness with polished chrome rivet construction and decoration. Features an adjustable penis collar that is attached by straps in the..


40mm Anal Plug Whip Grey

Diogol Whip part of the Grey product line. Made in France. 40mm e or approximately 1.57 inches.Color: Clear, Smoke Made in France...


5 Piece Chain Stainless Steel Restraint Set

This is a complete bondage set made out of rounded solid stainless steel polished to a mirror finish. The wrist cuffs and ankle shackles are oval shap..


5 Piece Steel Band Bondage Set

This is a 5 piece set of bondage gear. It include wrist, Ankle and Collar. Each piece is made of a stainless steel band covered with a soft black sili..


50 Shades of Inspiration Grey Cuffs

These absolutely beautiful wrist cuffs are crafted from the highest quality leather in an elegant tone-on-tone grey. The double stitching and durable ..

$60.00 $53.00

Abacus Vice Double Bar Pincher

The Abacus Vice is a modern, sleek, deceptively simple design adapted from an ancient pinching technique comprised of two rods and elastic bands. Simp..


Amelia Silver Bangle Handcuffs

The quick and dirty:Silver bangle handcuffsUnbound O-Factor:Inspired by the era of Amelia Earhart when industry and innovation were boomin..

$70.00 $53.00

Black Bomber Nipple Clamps With Ball Weights

]These Black Bomber Barrel Clamps provide the framework for a wide array of pleasure play. Featuring 4 ounce dangling weights, these clamps are perfec..


Black Leather Collar With Silver Chains

Black leather collar with silver chain ornament. Adjustable snap closure for small, medium and large sizes.Details:Matte Black Leather Si..


Black Leather Penetrating Panty with Dildo Sale Usually ships next day

Black Leather Penetrating Panty with Dildo

Enjoy being penetrated with this reverse strap on leather panty. The adjustable buckle fastening leather strap fits up to a 40 inch circumference wais..

$115.00 $99.00

Boa Silk Pleasure Ties

Oh the sweet joy of complete surrender?Long and luxurious, the new BOA Pleasure Ties from LELO offer a truly innovative approach to sensual teasin..


Brand X Liquid Latex - Rainbow Kit

Liquid latex is one of the most creative products on the market! Create your own fashions, costumes and accessories. Plus, just the feeling of bein..

$82.00 $62.00

Brand X Liquid Latex - Starter Kit

Liquid latex is one of the most creative products on the market! Create your own fashions, costumes and accessories. Plus, just the feeling of bein..


Brand X Liquid Latex Body Paints

Liquid latex is one of the most creative products on the market! Create your own fashions, costumes and accessories. Plus, just the feeling of bein..


Brand X Liquid Latex Glymmer Effect Powder

Make your latex Sparkle and GlimmerA finishing product highly recommended to be used after the final coat of Brand X Latex has been applied an..


Brand X Liquid Latex Shyne Polish

Make your latex ShineThe highest quality latex polish available, with a higher silicone content offering you the best Shyne on your latex leat..


Cadence Vibrating Silicone Sound

The Cadence Sound is made of premium silicone, so it works with the contours of the body and fits easily into the urethral area. Once inserted, the Ca..


Camille Luxury Blindfold with Swarovski Crystals

Camille Mask De LuxeWander into new sensual experiences and embrace the unexpected. These stunning masks are the perfect mix of fashion and fetish..


Cherry Rod Natural Wood Cane

A beautifully finished implement we call a rod because a true cane is only made of rattan or bamboo. The Cherry wood gives this rod a firm and smooth ..


Colorful Pony Tail Clear Glass Anal Plug

Vibrant Color Pony Tail Glass Anal PlugThis museum-quality clear glass anal plug from Crystal Delights features a whimsical colorful pony tai..

$115.00 $100.00

Crystal Minx Faux Tail Crystal Anal Plug

Crystal Minx Faux Tail Glass Anal PlugThe Crystal Minx Faux Tail with a Crystal Delights Glass Anal Plug is perfect to become someone's extra-..

$90.00 $87.00

Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing

Enjoy Positions You Never Thought Were Possible!Turn an ordinary door in your home into a love swing in just minutes with this incredible Delu..

$56.00 $48.00

Deluxe Womens Leather Chastity Belt with Padlock in Front Sale Ships in 2 weeks or earlier

Deluxe Womens Leather Chastity Belt with Padlock in Front

Deluxe Womens Leather Chastity Belt with Padlock in Front. Sturdy, soft, and comfortable all describe this chastity belt!Made with Soft Double ..

$180.00 $169.00

Desir Metallique - Gold Metallic Mesh Handcuffs

Gold metal pleasure to dominate your fantasies.Satisfy your desire to conquer a heart of gold... An easy-to-wear bracelets for any occasion; priva..


Desir Metallique - Metallic Mesh Handcuffs

Black metal pleasure to dominate your fantasies.The battle of seduction has begun; prepare to fight skin to skin with Désir Métallique, metal mesh..


Diogol Emotive Nipple Clamps Black

Nipple clamps incorporating a magnetic attachment can easily be attached to the nipple. A visual and sensory excitement. The magnets are adjustable an..


Double Leather Chastity Briefs Sale Usually ships next day

Double Leather Chastity Briefs

High Quality Soft Real Leather. Sturdy, soft, and comfortable all describe this chastity belt! Leather on the straps is 0.1 inch thick. Front..

$94.00 $89.00

Emma Peel Natural Rattan Cane

Named after a lady who loves canes, this is the standard classic against which all other canes are measured. This is the best cane for a beginning can..


English School Cane

Traditional style rattan English School cane fashioned with the classic crooked handle end. These canes are 5/8 to 1/2 inch this and 32 inches long. T..


Etherea Silk Suede Cuffs

The Silk and Suede Cuffs for Surrender and ControlRestrict everything but pleasure with two of the softest suede cuffs ever made with LELO's signa..


Explorer Prostatic Play Cock Ring Plug

This silicone cock ring and prostate plug provides targeted P-spot stimulation and erection enhancement in one tool. The premium material is non-porou..


Fashionistas Black Rose Glass Butt Plug

Roses are in season in this fashionably fetish-y borosilicate glass plug. Exquisitely printed flourishes make it blossom and high quality black boro..


Fashionistas Bunny Tail Glass Butt Plug

Beautiful glass butt plug with elegant fairy flourishes and a plum of white feathers accents this super chic fetish butt plug. Tapered tip for easy ..


Female Leather Bondage Harness

This leather bondage harness will make any female form sizzle. It is made of supple black leather and adorned with silver rivets. The harness is secur..


Fusion Triple Suckers

Enjoy powerful suction with this triple set of deviously-sized suction cylinders. Simply apply to any area that would benefit from increased sensitivi..


Glass Nipple Suckers with Rubber O-Rings

Beautiful glass nipple suckers with elegant rubber squeeze bulbs printed with divine Fashionista flourishes. Includes 3 different size rings per pump...


Heavy Polished Stainless Steel Collar

Keep your submissive in-line and in your control with this Thick Stainless Steel Locking Collar. The durable and heavy steel will remain firmly around..


Incite Flogger with Wooden Handle

The buttery soft leather of this flogger provides a light thuddy sensation. The twenty-four 15” long tails were made to be longer than most flogger ta..


Intima Silk Blindfold

The Silk Blindfold for a Kiss of Mystery. Teasing .... Tickling .... TouchingHeighten the senses and delight in the pleasures that mystery will br..


Juliets Gentleness Delrin Cane

This is a rod made of Delrin. It's relatively light, at 1/4 inch thick and 24 inches long, but also very flexible and stingy. It will deliver a differ..